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slash friday

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Ok, *mental note* - We don't do poetry or fortune cookies. Got it.

This week? The prompt is just one word: Breakfast

Take it how you want.

Please link any and all works produced here and be sure to include Fandom, Pairing, Title and Rating.

Good luck!


I'm not sure if this one qualifies, but if it doesn't, that's okay.
Fandom: Sports (RPS) ; Pairing: Not specified in this one, because this ended up as one in an ongoing series, but the back story/ies is/are here ; Title: 'Breakfast' and Rating: PG, I feel, but please advise.
Skip the Foreplay. SPN/BtVS. Dean/Spike. NC-17.
so, while I was on crack and not doing anything productive tonight, I wrote a ficlet for you prompt. BUT. I totally fail b/c I have no clue who the characters are! Seriously, in my document, they're called One and Two. This is part of that "I hate pronouns in slash" thing. Only I could write a fic and not know whos in it. Actually, wait -- I've done it before. Maybe I'll dream about it and figure out who they are and tell you tomorrow.
I'm in the process of writing something for this, and it is almost finished. Thing is, I have no time today to finish it cause I have to leave in a few minutes, so the link will be posted tomorrow (or should be anyways)

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