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slash friday

wook77 in slash_friday

New Prompt

Now that we do not have to worry so much about the spoilers with HP -

Let us start this up once more:

New Prompt: Kiss

Please remember that there is no time limit nor are there limits on length as long as you link us before I post the next prompt next week.

Thanks for your patience as we get back up and running.

As always, please leave a link here with your completed works and include pairing, fandom and rating.


Hello...I spent an hour or so posting a story earlier today, and it seems to have disappeared completely!!!! :( I was wondering what might have happened? Was it removed or something? Hope someone can tell me...
I deleted it as the community does not allow crossposting/advertisement of stories that do not fit the prompt.

If you've taken a look around, you'll see that there is a prompt and then an update with links (as requested in this post). As the story did not fit the "kiss" prompt, it will not be linked.
okay. well I'm new around here; sorry, I thought I checked around and fit the requirements. I'm also not too lj savvy, and I've only seen a few communities so I didn't quite get the "links" statement. I thought that was refering to where other authored works were. Sorry about that, it was not intentional, and also, even though it may seem common sense to the forum moderators, I hope perhaps they will keep in mind that sometimes people make innocent mistakes. A warning or something would have helped, for example. Thanks.

April 2008

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